News-2: 24th April 2014

What is happening? > Page Rebuilding Has Started

Welcome to the threekitchenhill website. It is still very much a shell at the moment.

The previous threekitchenhill site [v4.00] had not been updated for a year, mainly due to the lengthy process involved in limited available time.

%threekitchenhill website v4.00%
A shot of final home page of the v4.00 threekitchenhill website.

In 2013 I transferred to a Drupal platform. This had been successful and is very easy to update once you become acquainted with the Drupal way of doing things.

This site is now following the same route and runs off the same core material - therefore minimising update tasks.

Main pages

The thee pages are:

  • People [Family History]
  • Location [Where people lived]
  • Long Distance Walks [involving family members & others]

Where possible and appropriate content from the old site will be used. For the home pages this needs to be refreshed.

Next Steps

Stage 1 - by end of April 2014:

  • Complete the About section - done.
  • Rewrite the home page for Family [done], Location[done] & Walks [done]
  • Establish the map window[done].

Stage 1: completed.

KJM 27April 2014