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news | 2018-1

2018-1 | 10 November 2018

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Site Restoration - [version 4 | release 1 - alpha] Drupal 8

This is the third generation threekitchenhill site. it is the first to use Drupal8 and the site has moved to a new hosting platform.

The changes required some significant work in both setting it up and making it easier to add and keep up to date. The site is currently under test and has very little content.

While there was an option to migrate the content from the previous v3 site it was decided to rebuild the content - based on a modified page layout to support greater consistency and easier content preparation. The second generation site never recovered the level of content of the original site and the aim now is to do that and more.

The current framework is under test proving new content loading and updating processes for the remainder of 2018.

Find out more about the overall aims of the site on the threekitchenhill about page.

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Site Status

Version: 5.1.00
Status: Published
Complete: 100%
Platform: KRYSTAL
Date: April 2022

Last Updated: v1.00 | 2022-02-19 16:30

Status: To be completed


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