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news | 2018-2

2018-2 | 24 December 2018 on Drupal-8

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Site Restoration - [version 4 | release 2 - alpha]

This release is another small step forward in that it includes a handful of completed pages.

These are all in the Walks section [most of the reported "Page Not Found" errors have been related to missing Walks pages] [Note: from v5 the Walks section has moved to ]

This is not as much content as had been hoped - the testing of new Content Synchronisation module demonstrated that it is still under development and requires more work to be effective.

Hence we have dropped back to staged releases as additional section headers are restored to the site eg People, Locations etc.

The migration is trying to follow the same structure as the previous version of the site but the URLs may change as we impose more overall consistency. This might mean "/longdistancepath/" now becomes "/ldp/" or it might mean restructuring to obtain a flatter and shorter URL hierarchy as in "Family Homes".

Find out more about the overall aims of the site on the About page and provide feedback via the email ids on the Contact page.

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