People are the central characters of this website this page sets out the approach to privacy on the site.

Living People

Apart from mention of living people as members of a family, or attending an event e.g. birthday or as members of a walking team, for privacy reasons living people are outside the scope of this website. Hence there will be no page descriptions of family members currently living.

Family Members

The Family history pages aim to cover the main characters over successive generations with detail of their main life events (birth, marriage , death etc). This will include their children - though with the large families of the 19th C it may not be possible to include a page for every one of these people - a least in the immediate future.

If you are mentioned

For those people living (family and friends) who are mentioned every effort will normally be made to contact them and ensure that they are content with their inclusion on the site.

If anyone would prefer not to be mentioned at some point in the future - please contact me directly or via the Contact Email


Of the website:

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