Version releases of this website

This page describes the current and previous versions of this site.

[This] Version 5.x

This version is based on the Drupal content management system and is based on the same hosting platform as the site using the Drupal multisite capability.

The v4.xx site was based on static html pages and I could not find a way where this site could be developed while the static pages were still available.

Hence there will be a period of migration and updating from v4.x and during that time the full site will not be available.

Current limitations

The primary limitation in April 2014 is the lack of content. The folder structure will be based in the v4.xx site and where appropriate content moved across either "as is" or updated.

Issues with the current version

There are no known defects in the current site.

Previous Versions

Version 4.x

The previous versions covered a period of around 12 months. This version arose out of the recovery of v3.x content from a serious software problem. The v4.x site was also rebuilt on a more consistent base and has lasted over three years although little change was made during 2013. The site still employed static html pages created in Webplus Serif v4.00. These were then uploaded to the hosting service using Filezilla. While this was helpful in building the original site it became more cumbersome over time. There was no separation of styling and small changes in style required a lot of work to update the site.

The additional need to update from any computer, anywhere, led to the investigation of an alternative approach. Drupal was selected over Wordpress as it had more functionality. That capability was successful tested with the site in 2013.

Version 1.x to 3.x

There were three initial releases in very quick succession as the first website took shape and the styling and structure changed. A software problem led to a site rebuild which forced version 4. Developing a first website becomes a “learning by doing” process - so in a sense the first three versions could be seen as rapid prototyping. Styling and consistency is always important and this is hard/impossible to achieve or evolve without the use of stylesheets.


Of the website:

Start: December 2009
End: Ongoing

Updated KJM 25 April 2014