This is where the lives of people of past generations of the family are recorded. There may not be much detail in many cases - but that is not important at this stage. The main objective is to recall them, how they relate to each other and the things they did.

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Early 1917: The Ogden Family - probably at a studio in Heywood, Lancashire
How important is this? While I am familiar with the holidays of my parents and perhaps even some details of events before I was born, it is "in memory". These things are universally common to many living people - so it's not important to document - or is it?.

Whereas to catch just a glimpse now of how our parent's grandparents spent their lives and what trips they made would be fascinating. Of course it is mostly lost today - because it was ... "in memory and not thought important" ... at the time.

Social History

So from a social history perspective this aims to be a contribution - filling in some of the gaps in our heritage.

There are three sections here covering:

  • Individual people
  • Families
  • Events

There are two families involved: Murray and Crowther: arising from the marriage of Lancastrian and Yorkshire individuals in the mid 1970's.


The content has mostly been resourced from family history research [births, deaths & marriages, census and photographs where available], especially for events before the 1950's. Gerald Crowther has provided most of the people information for his side of the family, with a list of over 2,500 named individuals. Work continues with the Murray and related family research.The master records for both families are stored in Family Historian [software package].


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