Fred's 90th

Dancing in Middleton

The occasion was Fred Bean's 90th birthday in May 2012.

Dancing the evening away

Who was there?

Fred invited a wide variety of guests - friends and family for the occasion. The event was held at the Middleton Pavilion - not far from Freds's home. This also included three Murray families.

Evening Activities

Fred even had a £10 note issued for the occasion; guests were able to use this to buy their first drink. The proximity of the Queen's Golden Jubilee added a colourful flavour to the evening, a Camilla mask [Alex] - as well as some fine weather.

The evening included an interlude with the %name% Brass Band as well as a rare meet up of the three Murray brothers.


The Middleton Pavilion, Manchester Old Road, Middleton. M24 4DY


Start: 26 May 2012
End: 26 May 2012

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