Nancy's 80th

Eighty guests for 80th birthday

This event celebrated Nancy's 80th birthday.

Nancy & daughter Heather Note: use the navigation arrows to see more photos of the event.


On the occassion of her 80th birthday - Nancy invited 80 guests to the Tower House Restaurant in Halifax.

Family members came from the Crossfield, Short, Rothwell, Koch, Walton and Murray families. This included both bridesmaids from her wedding in 1955. Other guests came from Nancy's wide network of friends.


We managed to print and distribute a few A4 photos from different periods of the 80 years and an A3 of Nancy and her brother Peter at Southoport in 1936 - enough to embarrass several people.


Tower House Hotel & Restaurant, Master Lane, Pye Nest, HALIFAX, HX2 7EW


Start: 10 December 2011
End: 10 December 2011

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