Family Lines

The Family Tree

Attempting to document on one page the scope of your family tree is quite a challenge. Some of the individuals involved have dedicated pages under the People pages.

This page attempts to set out a map of the main families and generations involved.

Main Family Branches

%family tree graphic%
Murray-Crowther family tree the generations shown here are limited to those in the descendants/ascendants line ie all lateral branches are omitted.

Most of the family names will have a dedicated page and will be supported by descriptions of selected families from each generation from the above tree.

A further page covers Events such as recent anniversaries and holidays that don't fit sensibly under a single family

Family Names

The main families involved (in alphabetical order) are:

Family name Period Branch Comment
Crowther xxx-date C To be Added
Dalgleish xxx-date M To be Added
Grundy xxx-date M To be Added
Kelly xxx-date C To be Added
Lancashire xxx-date M To be Added
Murray 1830-date M To be Added
Ogden xxx-date M To be Added
Rothwell xxx-date C To be Added
Sanderson xxx-date M To be Added
Thompson xxx-date C To be Added
White xxx-date M To be Added

Other names (from the above diagram) will be added as sufficient information is researched.


The state of research is currently variable.

Thanks to the work by Gerald Crowther the Crowther branch is well developed and largely complete as far back as the 18thC - at least for the main lines.

On the Murray side work is still in progress although most of the main lines have some detail now as far back as the early 19thC.


Each family page is dedicated to a particular marriage/partnership in the family line.

This includes:

  • family ie the partners
  • their children
  • life events
  • family home locations

"Life events" will cover things like employment, holidays - where these are known.


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