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Of Halifax and Southowram:

The Crowthers have been research back over eight generations. They were originally based around the towns of west Yorkshire. This page is a summary of the main line of descendants.

%H&E Crowther
1958: Harry & Edith Crowther: at home in Southport with two of their grand children (Helen & Gerald Crowther)

About: the Crowther’s

The Crowther family are anothe rmajor part of the family. They have lived mostly in West Yorkshire as builders, stone mason, administrative, banking and the RAF.

Generation Index

The table below outlines the descendent generations - but currently omits lateral branches and living generations.

Family name Spouse Family Gen. Index Decade born
James Crowther Mary Green James & Mary Crowther 116 1710's
Joseph Crowther Sara Bairstow Joseph & Sara Crowther 117 1730's
George Crowther Mary Gledhill George & Mary Crowther 118 1770's
John Crowther Ann Hepworth John & Ann Crowther 119 1810's
John Crowther May Stott John & May Crowther 120 1840's
Stott Crowther Annie Firth Scott & Annie Crowther 121 1860's
Harry Crowther Edith Rothwell Harry & Edith Crowther 122 1890's
Peter Crowther Alice Thompson Peter & Alice Crowther 123 1920's


  1. The generation index orders all generations by a serial number.
  2. A generation index of 120 will relate to a birth in the early 18thC.
  3. The generation index number is used on the website to relate generations across families
  4. Living generations 124 and 125 also exist.


For 200 years from 1700 -1900 the vast majority of the above people died within a radius of 5-10 km of the area that they were born.

The cluster of places are: Southowram, Northowram, Halifax, Rastrick and Brighouse.

In the mid 20thC we see the start of movement away from Yorkshire eg Harry & Edith Crowther retire to Southport.

The living descendents of this line are now well dispersed and can be found in Gloucester, Shevington (nr Wigan), Myhtholmroyd, Otley, Hampshire & Cambridgeshire.


Further work

The family has been well researched by Gerald Crowther. The main future research topics relate to geography and the locations the family lived and worked.

  • Determine family home locations for each generation.


There are no known photographs of the Crowther family earlier than 1919.


Start: 1710
End: Ongoing

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To Gerald Crowther for the research material for this page.

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