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This is an index of Grundy families who are a primary line in the family tree.

There will also be additonal branches not included here.

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Christmas 1939: Grundy children: Dorothy, Alwyn and Ronald

About: the Grundy’s

The Grundy line has yet to be fully researched - though Lorraine Grundy has taken the work beyond the documented families on this page.

Family Generation index: Grundy

The table below outlines the successive generations of families from around 1800. Currently lateral branches (and living generations) are not included.

See also for the individuals index.

Family name Spouse Family Gen. Index Decade born
Nathan Grundy Ann spouse Nathan & Ann Grundy 120 1840's
Samuel Grundy Sarah Latham Samuel & Sarah Grundy 121 1870's
Clement Grundy Dorothy Alice Ogden Clement & Dorothy Alice Grundy 122 1900's
Dorothy Grundy John Murray John & Dorothy Murray 123 1920's


  1. The generation index orders all generations by a serial number.
  2. A generation index of 120 will relate to a birth in the early 19thC.
  3. Living generations 124 and 125 also exist.
  4. The generation index number is used on the website to relate generations across families


The Grundys are an Oldham family.


Further work

Further work is required to:

  1. Further generation research.
  2. Liaison with Lorraine Grundy.


There are no known photographs of the Grundy family prior to the 1920's.


Start: 01 Jan 1800
End: Ongoing

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