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Farmers in the Scottish Borders

In the 19thC the Murrays were farm workers living on farms and in villages around Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

This page is a summary of the main line of families as descendants. It is a specific line - there will be other branches.

%John Murray & family
John Murray & family: ~1932 John with children Sheila, Kathleen and John. This is the earliest photo of the Murray family.

About: the Murray’s

The Murray line is a major strand of the family research. The earliest researched generations were farmers in the Scottish Borders, mostly hired labour. They regularly moved from farm to farm and generally lived long lives.

In the mid to late 19thC, like many others, their children sought employment elsewhere and they start to move into towns, industry and public service eg the new police force.

In the second half of the 20thC and to date they can be found working in electronics, computers. mapping, authoring, software and education.

Family Generation index: Murray

The table below outlines the successive generations of families from around 1800. Currently lateral branches (and living generations) are not included.

See also for the individuals index.

Family name Spouse Family Gen.Index Decade born
William Murray Margaret Turnbull William & Margaret Murray 119 1800's
Walter Murray Catherine Dalgliesh Walter & Catherine Murray 120 1820's
James Murray Sarah Lancashire James & Sarah Murray 121 1850's
John Murray Clare Sanderson John & Clare Murray 122 1890's
John Murray Dorothy Grundy John & Dorothy Murray 123 1920's


  1. The generation index orders all generations by a serial number.
  2. A generation index of 120 will relate to a birth in the 1820’s.
  3. Living generations 124 and 125 also exist.
  4. The generation index number is used on the website to relate generations across families


To date - the earliest Murrays can be located in the Scottish Borders. There they were farming people who regularly moved from farm to farm where their centre of gravity was Jedburgh.

We know that some of the next generation Murrays then moved to Galashiels and Hawick areas. They were still living in that area in the 1930’s when Kathleen Murray visited them and we expect some descendants to be living there still.

One of the next generation, James Murray, moved to Leigh in Lancashire in the 1870's where he was a policeman and established a new line of English Murrays. His first wife died young and he remarried in Middleton. The family then moved to Denton and on to Wigan (Platt Bridge) where James died aged 44 in 1900.

His remaining family grew up in Middleton and the town then contained a Murray family until 2008.


Further work

Further work is required to:

  1. Further research of William Murray & Margaret Turnbull
  2. Determine generations before William Murray parents ie before 1800
  3. Determine branches: James Murray's siblings and any surviving strands


There are no known photographs of the Murray family in Scotland or England prior to the 1930's.


Start: 01 Jan 1800
End: Ongoing

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