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Settled in Brighouse

In the 19-20thC the Thompsons were living and working in Brighouse, Yorkshire . This page is a summary of the main line of family descendants

It is a specific branch - there will be others.

%H&M Thomspon 1961
Horace & Mary Thompson - ~1961

The Thompson line is a primary strand of the family tree. The earliest records, documented by Gerald Crowther, are late 18thC.

Family Generation index: Thompson

The table below outlines the successive generations of families from the late 18thC..

See also for the individuals index.

Family name Spouse Family Gen. Index Decade born
William Thompson spouse William & spouse Thompson 118 1770's
George Thompson Mary Fenton George & Mary Thompson 119 ~1800's
John Thompson Susannah Clayton John & Susannah Thompson 120 1830's
George Thompson Martha Dunmore George & Martha Thompson 121 1860's
Horace Thompson Mary Kelly Horace & Mary Thompson 122 1890's
Alice Thompson Peter Crowther Peter & Alice Crowther 123 1920's


  1. The generation index orders all generations by a serial number.
  2. A generation index of 120 will relate to a birth in the early 19thC.
  3. Living generations 124 and 125 also exist.
  4. The generation index number is used on the website to relate generations across families


Generations of the family appear to have been born in Brighouse, apart from Horace who was born in Liverpool, but then moved to Brighouse.

Thompson descendents still live in Brighouse today


Further work

Further work is required to:

  1. Locations the family lived.


There are no known photographs of the Thompson family prior to the 1950's.


Start: 01 Jan 1770
End: Ongoing

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