This section describes individual members of the family. The number that can be included is clearly limited out of the thousands we know about. In order to provide a dedicated page for each individual those that are included are primarily in the direct family line.

This limits the content to ascendants/descendants and their immediate family. This approach may change once the main players are recorded.

What is covered?

Each page will include (where it has been determined) the following information:

  • Parentage
  • Life Events (birth, education, employment, marriage/partnership, holidays and death)
  • Places lived

Of course in many cases a lot of this information has been lost but whatever is known will be added as it is discovered.

People included

The table below lists the people included so far:

Family name Person Birth year
%surname TBA% %forename TBA% %year TBA%

Living family members

While living family members will be mentioned on some pages, they are not recorded here to ensure that their privacy is maintained.


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