Thompson - individuals index

This is an index of individuals who carry the Thompson name and are part of the faml tree.

The index below includes siblings for the given generation where known.

%Thompson sisters
1954: Thompson sisters Winifrid & Alice

Thompson Ancestral Generations

The table below outlines individuals in the Thmpson tree who have created a continuous link back in time.

Birth year Name Siblings Birth place Gen. Index
17xx William unknown unknown 117
1776 William unknown unknown 118
18xx George unknown unknown 119
1838 John Benjamin, Sarah, Alfred Brighouse 120
1865 George William, Harriet Brighouse 121
1895 Horace Lizzie, Alfred, Fred, Edgar Liverpool 122
1923 Alice Winifrid Brighouse 123


  1. The generation index orders all generations by a serial number.
  2. A generation index of 120 will relate to a birth in the early 19thC.
  3. Living generations 124 and 125 also exist.
  4. "Birth year" is the named ancestor only


Start: 01 Jan 1800
End: Ongoing

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