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  • This page: Introduction & overview of family names
  • Status: Completed - 90%
  • First Published: 27 January 2019


This website, like the two earlier versions, is aimed at sharing family history information across a now geographically dispersed family. This includes branches of the family tree, summaries of individuals, partnerships as well as places where they lived, worked and took time out,

Originally it was thought that it would be only of interest to members of the family - but we have had feedback from third parties eg people now living in former family homes.

The site aims can be found here - the remainder of this page provides an introduction to the main sections of the site.


Not all aspects of the tree have yet to be fully explored and already we have a lot of detail in some branches and little elsewhere. So the following guidelines have been adopted for the site:

  • There are no living family members recorded under the people or partnership sections.
  • The focus is on the timeline of direct ancestor/descendants in each of the family trees.
  • Therefore detailed exploration of siblings and adoptions is mostly out of scope at present but may be referred to in general.

If anyone would like to know more about certain aspects then please contact us (see the link in the Footer menu).

The Sections

An outline of the sections found on the main navigation bar:

Family Names

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The will list all FAMILY NAMES structured under the two main branches. From the drop down tab any shaded name will link to a family tree of that name. The tree is by partnership. Note the same menu will also be found in the right hand margin.


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The PEOPLE listing page lists all people currently recorded on the site. This is a personal timeline of the main life events for that individual (that we know of) including homes, occupations etc.


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The PARTNER listing page lists all partners currently recorded on the site. This is a partnership timeline taking in their main life events eg children, homes, occupations etc.


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The EVENTS listing page will list all recorded family events. The listing may include recent events such as weddings, birthdays, holidays etc.


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The LOCATION listing pages recovers family places. Currently this is limited to family homes but will include places of work, ceremony eg wedding or resting place as well as holiday locations.


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The WALKS pages describe long distance and day walks. They coudl be described as a "special case of a family event". The pages may also be of wider interest ie other walkers as well.

All sections are currently being restored form earlier versions of the sites and updated - this will take most of 2019.

Last Updated: 29 Jan 2019
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Family Names

There are two family branches recorded on this site [Crowther & Murray] - the family tree names  currently being researched are listed below

Note: Currently family timeline pages are ONLY available for theme shaded tabs currently.


The timebands used across several pages are explained here.

Site Version


10 May 2019