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This page describes where England is relevant to the family history.

Images of England - from coast to urban, there is always variety.

Family members from all branches of the family have either been born in England or have moved there. From time to time they have also moved in eg from Scotland as well as moved out to other countries.
The majority of the family home and most events have taken place in England.

Hence England is the setting for many generations based largely in both Lancashire and Yorkshire for much of the 20th C - but now taking in many other parts of the country.

Until the 1970-80s England also provided the venue for the majority of family holidays.

The family connections with England

The majority of the main family lines appear to have been settled in England for several centuries:

  • Crowther
  • Grundy
  • Ogden
  • Powell
  • Rothwell

The table outlines some of the known family movements to England.

Year Who Action Place
1870's James Murray Move to Leigh, Lancashire
1880's[tbc] George Sanderson Move to Middleton, Lancashire


Start: 1700
End: Ongoing

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