3 Kitchenhill

MURRAY family, 1975-77

A short-term and first home of Keith & Helen Murray in the mid 1970's. It is the property that gives this website its name.

3 Kitchenhill, Bowscar, Penrith


The three cottages at Kitchenhill are in a rural area near Bowscar, just north of Penrith in Cumbria. The London-Glasgow main line run just across the road and the M6 Midland to Carlisle and Scotland runs a few hundred metres across fields at the rear.

The properties were all rented and for a time all three were occupied by Ordnance Survey staff for a time in the mid 1970’s staff working in the Lake District and operating from Mostyn Hall in Friargate in Penrith.

No 3 Kitchenhill is shown in the above photograph. and it included all the property up to the drainpipe on the left. At that time the door with the yellow painted lintel was the front access point to No 2 Kitchenhill.


I am grateful to John Woolridge (who lived at No 2) for several photos of the houses and Paul Frankie, who occupied No 3 before us and vacated with perfect timing.

Who lived here and when?

Keith & Helen Murray lived here from July 1975 to January 1977 while the Ordnance Survey in Perith was engaged on resurveying the Lake District [north east].

3 Kitchenhill July 1975

Person Age Relationship Occupation
Keith Murray Ordnance Survey Surveyor
Helen Murray spouse trained teacher


  1. Immediate previous occupants were Paul & Sue Frankie. Paul worked for Ordnance Survey,

Events at 3 Kitchenhill

These are the events known to have occurred at 3 Kitchenhill:

  1. There were frequent visitors in 1975 and 1976, family & friends who were clearly interested in discovering more about this obscure cottage in Cumbria.

About 3 Kitchenhill

The red sandstone terrace appears on mid 19th century maps.

Information Records Notes
Date Occupied: June 1975 After Paul & Sue Frankie moved to Penrith
Date Departed: Jan 1977 KM moved to Halifax in Oct 1977
Year Built: 19thC Exact year unknown
No of rooms: 6 "Bathroom" extension to the rear
No of floors: 2
Type: Terrace
Transaction: Rented £8 per week
Condition now: Occupied [See Note 1]


  1. The current properties are the same that existed at the time of occupation. No 3 is still rented.

Floor Plans

As a starter home is was quite suitable but it would require attention for a family. Heating was by a single coal fire.

3kh gnd floor 3kh 1st floor
Ground floor plan: A sketch plan of the ground floor in 1975. Upper floor plan: A sketch plan of the 1st floor in 1975.

Where is 3 Kitchenhill ?

The cottage is in an area known as Bowscar north west of Penrith, adjacent to the London-Glasgow main railway line and close to the M6 to the rear. Also nearby is the River Petteril which flows from the nearby villages of Greystoke, Blencow, Newton Reigny and onto Carlisle to join the River Eden and the Solway Firth.

Old Maps

Old maps can give some idea of the landscape the time the property was occupied and how it has changed since.

Year Map Notes
19th -20th C Vision of Britain - selection of old maps of Penrith A variety of old maps of Penrith at different scales.
1902 Vision of Britain 1:253440 map OS 250K map of Cumberland


Geographical Address Components:

3 Kitchenhill; Bowscar; Eden District; Cumberland; England.

Mail Address:

3 Kitchenhill, Bowscar, Penrith, CA11 9NL

Parish & Former County:

Penrith; Cumberland

Long & Lat [degrees in WGS84]:

W 02.7827194 , N 54.699105


Start: 16-Jun-1975
End: 28-Jan-1977

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20160620 Wikipedia: Penrith

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