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Scotland requires no introduction it reaches back into history. After the last set of ice retreated a thriving Neolithic population developed. The country and it's tribes mostly resisted the Romans but the centuries took their toll. The people of Scotland have influenced the world in many ways through scientists and artists to emigrants reaching points of the compass.

At least two strands of the Murray family have been shown to have developed in Scotland in the 19thC - both emigrating south of the border.

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The section below outlines the locations of the main family homes and related events in Scotland.

Please note that the pre-1974 county system is used. This makes referencing easier across older records and generally offers finer resolution over the ever changing current geographies.

Family connections in Scotland

Scotland has contained the following family connections in the listed town/locality, village or parish:

Roxburghshire county Murray , Turnbull home, birth, death, marriage 1820-1911[1]
Selkirkshire county Dalgleish, Brydon home, birth, death, marriage 1820-1911[1]
Renfrewshire county Sanderson home, birth, 1820-1911[1]
Dunbartonshire county Sanderson home 1820-1911[1]
Stirlingshire county Quail, Murray home, marriage 1851-1851 & 1982-1985


  1. No research has yet been fully undertaken prior to the 1825 or later than 1911.
  2. The family name and location links will take you to another page with more information about that topic

Family Trips & Visits

Increasingly from the mid-20thC the number of trips and visits have increased. Scotland has been a regular location for member of the family:

1930's & 40's Galashiels/Hawick [1] Kathleen Penman nee Murray (and ?) family visits (no more info)
1940's? Edinburgh John Murray, Dorothy Grundy school rail trip from Middleton
1974 Ardgarten>Oban>Glencoe>Gartmore>Edinburgh K&H Murray camping holiday
1975 Sannox, Isle of Arran K&H Murray holiday
1976 Ayr>Oban>Edinburgh>Eyemouth J&D Murray & C Murray motorhome holiday
1976 Edinburgh>Ballater>Inverness>Tummel Bridge K&H Murray camping holiday
1983 Inverness>Gairloch>Portree K&H Murray & family camping holiday
1984 Inverness>Thurso>Scourie>Ullapool K&H Murray & family camping holiday
2010 Jedburgh K&H Murray holiday
2014 Lennoxtown>Inverness>Thurso>Kirkwall>Jedburgh K&H Murray holiday


  1. Contact with Murray relatives in the borders was maintained until the 1940s.

About Scotland

Basic Info

Some basic information about Scotland:

Part of: United Kingdom & European Union
Exists today?: Yes
Located: Borders England, Atlantic Ocean & North Sea
Area: 77,933 sq km
Capital Edinburgh
Primary towns Glasgow, Aberdeen, Perth, Stirling & Inverness


Scotland was almost entirely covered by ice during the last ice age and until around 10,000 years ago. This has shaped not only the land but the coast, especially in the north west were there are deep sea lochs. Not only does the Great Glen represent tectonic shearing but further north west there is evidence of older rocks thrust over more recent [the Moine Thrust].

The landscape that emerged was quickly populated like the rest of Gt Britain with immigrants from warmer climates. They established themselves on routes where access was relatively easier, ie by water, such as Orkney and built magnificent stone circles, pagan temples and stone villages 5,000 years ago. Much of it before the main work of Stonehenge had really started. The Maes Howe burial chamber contains Viking graffiti in the form of runes.

The tribes that formed from new settlers on the west coast (from northern Spain and later on Ireland) grew along with others. They resisted the Romans but the clans and kingdom felt itself under pressure from the English and eventually the Acts of Union were passed in 1707. The people of the land suffered greatly during The Clearances with many emigrating to North America, Australia and New Zealand where there is a very strong Scots presence on South Island

Today Scotland is showing the way forward and is ahead of England in many ways: no smoking in restaurants before England, opening extensive new railway lines {Scottish Borders] and running on green power for full day are just some examples.

Points of Interest

Ring of Brodgar

Ring of Brodgar: - one of many neolithic monuments in Orkney which was a key cultural centre 5,000 years ago..

Loch Leven

Loch Leven: - the bridge taking main road from Oban to Fort William over the mouth of the loch saves a lot of time but the swirling clouds that shroud the mountains above this sea loch should not to be missed.

Suilven from Knockan

Suilven: - the unique form of this rocky mountain, rising to over 700m abruptly from the surrounding landscape of western Sutherland, cannot be missed.


Inverness: - the River Ness flowing towards the Moray [Murray] Firth through the bridges of Inverness.


Start: 1820
End: ongoing

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