The lands of the Teviot & Tweed valleys

Roxburgshire was once a county in south eastern Scotland, today it is part of the Scottish Borders.

It also served as home to several generations of the Murray family. During the larger part of the 19thC they were mainly farm labourers moving from farm to farm and parish to parish and by the end of that century they were moving off the land into the towns as policemen and carters.

Eildon Hills - from Scott's View

To see more about Borders Family History and a county parish map - follow the link below.

Roxburgh parishes - Borders Family History

The section below outlines the locations of the main family homes and related events in Roxburghshire.

Please note that the pre-1974 county system is used. This makes referencing easier across older records and generally offers finer resolution over the ever changing current geographies.

Family connections in Roxburghshire

Roxbburghshire contained the following family connections in the listed town/locality, village or parish:

Lillisleaf parish Murray home, birth 1820's
Roberton parish Murray home, marriage 1840's
Minto parish Murray home early 1850's
Cavers parish Murray home, death early 1850's & 1900's
Kirktown parish Murray home early 1850's
Hobkirk parish Murray , Dalgliesh home, birth 1850-70's
Bedrule parish Murray home, death 1880's & 1900's
Crailing parish Murray home, death 1890's


  1. No research has yet been fully undertaken prior to the 1820's or later than 1911.
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About Roxburghshire

Basic Info

Some basic information about Roxburghshire:

Part of: Scotland/Alba
Exists today?: Now part of Scottish Borders
Located: South east Scotland/Alba
Area: 1,722 km
County town Jedburgh
Primary towns Hawick, Melrose & Kelso


The Scottish Borders are often overlooked by travelers on the road to and from Edinburgh and northern England.

The area is rich in castles and abbeys and it was regularly fought over and coveted by the English and the Scots.

It is well worth a visit in its own right with the former market towns are very attractive places to stay or visit. A small selection of points of interest are included below as well as links in the reference section.

Points of Interest


Jedburgh: - the former county town. In the 19thC rural life would have revolved around a number of market towns like Jedburgh.

River Tweed,  Melrose -  Gattonside

River Tweed at Melrose: - a stately river weaving between rolling hills.


Start: 1800
End: Ongoing

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