A farming community in the Rule valley

Hobkirk is a parish, south west of Jedburgh, in the Scottish Borders. It was part of Roxburghshire until the 1970's.

An ancestral line of the Murray family lived here for 15 years or more in the mid 19thC.

The Rule valley, Scottish Borders
Hobkirk - Scottish Places

The section below outlines the locations of the main family homes and related events in the northern part of the parish of Hobkirk.

Please note that the pre-1974 county system is used. This makes referencing easier across older records and generally offers finer resolution over the ever changing current geographies.

Family connections in Hobkirk

Hobkirk contained the following family connections in the parish locations below:

Hall Rule Cottages Hall Rule Farm Murray family home, birth x4 1855 to 1861 (or longer)
Billerwell Cottages Billerwell Farm Murray, Dalgleish family home 1871 (at least)


  1. The only residence dates available are from: census, marriage, birth & death records.
  2. The family may have moved each year (farm to farm) but it is assumed that they were static when birth and census locations are close in time.
  3. No research has yet been fully undertaken prior to the 1830 or later than 1911.
  4. The family name and location links will take you to another page with more information about that topic

About Hobkirk

Basic Info

Some basic information about Hobkirk:

Part of: Scotland / Alba
Exists today?: Yes, it's part of Scottish Borders
Located: South east area of Scottish Borders
Area: [AREA TBC] km
Nearest town Jedburgh


Hobkirk remains today a farming valley, dominated by Rule Water. Many of the old farm cottages are today holiday homes and will look far more attractive than they did in the 19thC.

Rule Water flows south to north where it enters the Teviot. To the west of the river is Rubers Law and the east is Black Law and Dunion Hill. These are all conical hills and are of volcanic origin from 300 million+ years ago.

An early relative of Justin Trudeau was born in Hobkirk in 1762 before emigrating to Quebec [Robert Elliott].

Points of Interest

Hall Rule Cottages, Jedburgh

Hall Rule Cottages - the first Murray residence in Hobkirk as far as we know, from around 1855 for at least 6 years. James Murray and three siblings were born here.

Billerwell Farm Cottages

Billerwell Farm Cottages: - The two cottages were occupied in 1871. Walter & Catherine Murray and family occupied one cottage and Catherine's mother Janet Dalgleish, her daughter and granddaughter the other.


Start: ~1855
End: ~1875

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