Hall Rule Cottages

MURRAY family, late 1850-early 1860's

The home of Walter & Catherine Murray and their family in the late 1850's and early 18560's.

Hall Rule Cottages, Jedburgh

Note: there are two more blocks of cottages behind the two cottages seen here.


Located in the parish of Hobkirk, Hallrule Farm (on the east side of the road) was once part of the Usher estate. The Usher family owned a large part of the local area and a large house in Bedrule.

The census in 1861 records seven cottages supporting the farm. We do not know exactly which cottage was occupied by the Murray the family - but as farm workers these may well have been tied cottages at that time. There was also once a smithy in one of the back blocks.


Mr. David McTaggart of Hallrule Farm for information about the properties

Who lived here and when?

Walter & Catherine MURRAY and their family lived here in the 1850's and early 60's. They would have worked for Hallrule Farm across the road.

1861 Census for Hall Rule Cottage [no number] on 07 April

Person Age Relationship Occupation
Walter Murray 32 head Ploughman
Catherine Murray 39 wife
Catherine Dalgleish 16 stepdaughter [note2] Agricultural labourer
William Murray 13 son Scholar
Walter Murray 11 son Scholar
Margaret Dalgleish 8 daughter
James Murray 5 son
Robert Murray 3 son
Helen Dalgleish 24 visitor [note3] Agricultural Labourer
Walter Dalgleish 1 visitor [note4]


  1. Ages are from the Census record and are not always accurate.
  2. Assumed a daughter of Catherine's
  3. Catherine's sister [unconfirmed]
  4. Helen's child [unconfirmed]

Events at Hallrule Cottages

These are the events known to have occurred at Hall Rule Cottages:

  1. James Murray born here in October 1856

About Hall Rule Cottages

Information Records Notes
Date Occupied: b/f 1856 Exact year unknown
Date Departed: b/f 1871 Exact year unknown
Year Built: b/f 1850 Exact year unknown
No of rooms: Unknown
No of floors: 2 Appear to be ground + roof space
Type: semi or terrace
Transaction: Tied Assumed
Condition now: Occupied [See Note 1]


  1. The current properties appear to be those that existed at the time of occupation.

Floor Plans

The living accommodation was small for a family of eight and two visitors. Since we don't know which property was occupied there are no floor plans available.

house plan image house plan image
Ground floor plan:None available Upper floor plan:None available

Where are Hall Rule Cottages ?

Old Maps

Old maps can give some idea of the landscape the time the property was occupied and how it has changed since.

Year Map Notes
1863 National Library of Scotland map OS large scale map of the farm & cottages around the time that the Murray family lived there.
1954 National Library of Scotland map OS 25K map of the general area


Geographical Address Components:

Hall Rule Cottages; Hobkirk; Scottish Borders; Scotland.

Mail Address:

Hall Rule Farm Cottage, Hawick, TD9 8JF

Parish & Former County:

Hobkirk; Roxburghshire

Long & Lat [degrees in WGS84]:

W 2.644733333, N 55.41935


Start: b/f dd Oct 1855
End: b/f dd April 1871

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