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This page outlines some to the main family connections with Wales.

Images of Wales - from the mountains and coast to rural and industrial landscapes..

Wales is unique with some wonderful people and amazing landscapes. For this it continues to be a regular destination.

North Wales provided easy access for day trips and holiday destinations for Lancashire & Yorkshire based family members.

Wales has played an import role in family events for both Murray and Crowther families. Some of these events are outlined below.

The family connections with Wales

To date only one family member has been traced who originated from Wales:

  • Evans

The table outlines some of the known family connections with Wales:

Year Who Action Place
1880's Amelia Evans Move to Leigh, Lancashire
1920's H&E Crowther Visit Colwyn Bay
1961 J&D Murray Holiday Tenby
1963 P&A Crowther Holiday Deganwy
1965 G&A Lomas Move to Holyhead
1970 Keith Murray Move to Llangefni
1972 Helen Crowther Move to Bangor
1973 Michael Murray Tours to Laugharne


Start: 1800
End: Ongoing

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