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The names pages provide background to some of the families described in other sections of the site. The pages also highlight the state of research and summarises the locations and occupations of family members.

Family Names, the current state of the research and research resources

The family background, earlier than the mid 20thC, is mainly sourced from public records and similar resources. This material eg census, registration and parish records is also outlined here. Location is a key component in understanding historical events eg where did they come from, why did they move .. and how that relates to our own lives? Were they successful? - would we do the same?

The Names section contains three related topics - background and connections across the topics that follow [individuals, partners, places & events]. These are:

People & Origins

The names section outlines some of the main family names that are reported in more detail on the site as well as an outline of where they lived and worked amd the type of jobs they had.

Names & Places

Every part of our life occurs at some location. Sometimes people are born and die within the same local area and then others move to the other side of the world. Names and places shows how maps can help us understand the bigger picture of family evolution.


Todat we have lots of living knowledge abput people and life events, supplemented bby photos, video and other personal records. We wrongly assume that "our" memory will preserve knowledge of recent events - of course it will not, unless we record it in some way eg adding info to photos.

The host of records we enjoy has not always been the case of course and the memories of our ancestors are no longer accessible. Hence, for events in the 19thC and earlier. we have to rely heavily on public records and this section provides an overview of those records and when they were introduced. The section on resources and the primary archives also includes links to the main providers in Britain and Ireland.

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