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This section looks at the linkages of people and places via their family names through their event records.

People & Places

The geographer's saying "Everything Happens Somewhere" resonates when think about people and their life events timeline. Every part of this personal timeline happens somewhere and the places these events occur can either fill us with joy or dread - depending on the type of event we associate with a particular location.

Everything Happens Somewhere

This map below illustrates a pop up from the Morrinsville, New Zealand marker. It shows a host of birth, death and marriage events attached to it.

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The map above illustrates the point about location - here a strand of the WALTON family in the past has not only moved to the other side of the world but has maintained remote community there. It was only ever a small town, today the population of Morrinsville is still less than 9,000. It was also home to the current Prime Minister [Jacinda Ardern] as a child.

The map image was generated within the Family Historian package which now has some powerfull tools including the ability to georeference placenames attached to individual event records [provided that they have a minimum of a placename and country].

Names & Places: Next Steps

The next version of the site [v5.2] will include additional functionality to create live maps along with selected family or individual names based on site material [who, what, where & when]. It is unlikely that we can generate location records for the entire Family Historian database - at least in the short term, but any additonal material will provide a new dimension in tracking how families evolve and develop.


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18 April 2021 Family Historian [Genealogy Software]

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