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Morecambe Bay from Knowlys Drive, Heysham

2019-1 | 31 January 2019

Site Restoration - [ version 4 | release 3 beta]

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Hall Rule Farm Cottages - home of Walter & Catherine Murray and birthplace of James [1855] and Robert Murray [1859]

Release 3

This is the third release and the focus has been to restore or create entries for

  • Site Introduction page
  • Family names (~ tree) page
  • Individual Introduction [listing] pages
  • An Individual page added [James Murray]
  • Partnership Introduction [listing] pages
  • A Partnership/Family page added [Walter & Catherine Murray]
  • Locations Introduction page
  • Family Homes pages addeed [listing & map)
  • Eleven Family Homes pages added
  • Event listing page completed
  • Event page added[Fred Bean 90th]
  • One long distance path page added [now scheduled for rel 4]

This means that all section (menu tabs) now have some content. All will be expanded in release 4.

The 11 family homes can be discovered via the Family Home Listing page or the Family Homes Map page. In each case the listing or map provides easy navigation to the home main for each individual home. Information associated with the home will be added as it is researched and becomes available.

The number family homes now installed already exceeds site version 2, which only had two homes, and is around 50% of the homes recorded on version 1 of the site.

The aim is to restore the all planned original site material plus addition content during 2019. This will probably take three more releases [Spring, Autumn and early Winter 2019.

Find out more about the overall aims of the site on the About page and provide feedback via the email ids on the Contact page.

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