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Walter and Catherine both came from families in the Scottish Borders. Walter from the wider Jedburgh area and Catherine from the Yarrow Valley near Selkirk

They had to move to find work and started life together near Hawick in 1847.


Partners Birth Born in
Walter Murray Born 1824 [TBC] Cotfield, Lilliesleaf, Roxburghshire
Catherine Dalgliesh Born 1822 [TBC] Tinnis, Yarrow, Selkirkshire

They lived in farm cottages, which were very small eg 2-4 rooms but the census often records 8-10 people living together at any one time.

Status Dates Events
Married 1847 In Eldinhope thou. Banns in Roberton [Walter wkg at Mains & Catherine in Kirtown Ph.
No of children from 1848 to 1867 Eight children also a step daughter & adopted son


The table below records events in the life of Walter & Catherine Murray. It has been recovered entirely from public records.

Walter was a farmworker and in those days these people had to seek work each year. Sometimes they stayed on in the same location but they often moved, mostly in the same general area. The map at the foot of the page records [some of] the places where the events below took place.

However it is most likely incomplete because they could have moved at times when no event was recorded. There is no evidence, so far, that they ever went back to a location they had once lived & worked.

There would not have been any pensions at that time - hence Walter was still classed as working and moving around up until his death. Their income would have been supplemented by those "children" still at home. Both Walter and Catherine lived into their 80's - perhaps a testament to their country way of life.

The second half of the 19thC saw a massive population movement from the land to the town and city, largely driven by the children of this generation seeing that their parents way of life was no longer sustainable. This shift was often at the cost of a shorter life in the city which more often involved factory work.

Year Event Description Location Source
1847 Married Chruch Banns in Roberton Ph. Eldinhope [1] OPR; Roberton where Walter was working at Mains.
1847 Child[2] Catherine Dalgliesh < Catherine's daughter 1846
1848 Birth of child William Murray Eldinhope [2], Yarrow OPR:births
1850 Birth of child [3] Walter Murray Hassendeanbank, Minto OPR:births
1851 Resident at Walter = John [4] Denholm, Cavers CEN: record page
1853 Birth of child Margaret Murray Nether Tofts, Kirktown OPR:births
1855 Birth of child James Murray Hallrule, Hobkirk SR: births
1858 Birth of child Robert Murray Hallrule, Hobkirk SR: births
1861 Resident at   Hallrule, Hobkirk CEN: record page
1863 Birth of child Andrew Murray [TBC] SR:births
1864 Birth of child Janet Murray [TBC] SR:births
1867 Birth of child Jane Murray [TBC] SR:births
1870 Child adopted Thomas Minto Billerwell, Hobkirk SR:births
1871 Resident at   Billerwell, Hobkirk CEN: record page
1881 Resident at   Bonjedward Mill, Crailing Ph. CEN: record page
1891 Resident at   Baittens, Crailing Ph. CEN: record page
1901 Resident at   Bedrule, Bedrule Ph. CEN: record page
1904 Death Catherine Murray Spittal on Rule, Cavers Ph. SR: deaths
1907 Death of Walter Murray Ruecastle, Bedrule Ph. SR: deaths


  1. PR: Parish Records
  2. SR: Statutory Records
  3. CEN: Census

Notes & References:

  1. Catherine Dalgliesh had a child (of the same name) born 1846 - a step daughter to Walter Murray, her name was later changed to Catherine Murray
  2. This was Catherine's parents home
  3. All subsequent births are assumed to be at their current residence.
  4. Walter recorded his forename as "John" in this census record.

*See the Registers page for Census and Births, Deaths & Marriages records and background to these records.

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