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1 of 7 - ca1908 Maria Ogden Studio photo

A studio photograph of Mafia Powell taken ca 1908. The studio is uncertain.

This is the first known photograph of Maria Powell. If the year was 1908 - she would have been age 34 here.

The original photo is oval shape and may have been in a frame of the same design.

2 of 7 - ca1914 Maria Ogden Studio photo

Matia Powell studio photograph - the exact year and studio is uncertain.

The original photo is printed as a postcard - a common approach at that time.

3 of 7 - The Ogden family in 1918

A studio photograph of the Ogden family taken ca 1918 - perhaps before Jack's wedding in St Bees?

Left > Right: Samuel, Emily, William, Dorothy, Jack and Maria

The photograph was taken by Leslie Brothers - who ran a chain of studios across north east Lancashire and west Yorkshire. This was probably taken in their Bolton studio

4 of 7 - 1918 J & L Ogden wedding, St Bees, Cumberland

The group:

Back row:
Unknown, Vicar, Jack Ogden, William Ogden, John Slinger, Caroline Slinger [nee Bawden]

Front Row:
Emily Ogden, Unknown, Lilian Fearon, Dorothy Ogden, Maria Odgen [nee Powell] & Samuel Ogden.

Caroline Bawden was the aunt who took care of Lilian & her siblings when they were orphaned at an early age.

5 of 7 - ca 1930's Maria Odgen - Blackpool Pier

The exact year of this photograph is uncertain - but it was taken on Blackpool Pier. Probably by a street photographer of which there were many until the 1950's.

Maria Powell is seen here 3rd from the left with her sister Mary [known as Polly] 2nd left.

They were two of nine Powell children. Maria was the third and Polly was the ninth and 15 years younger than Maria.

6 of 7 - 1951 - Maria Powell - Head of Four Generations

At 25 Rudyard Avenue at the Christening of her third great grandchild.

Taken with her daughter Dorothy Ogden and grabd daughter Dorothy Grundy.

She would have been age 76 here.

7 of 7 - 1955 Maria Powell & her two daugthers in Rhyl

This is the last known photograph of Maria Ogden [nee Powell]

Seen here with her two daughters Dorothy and Emily as well as Dorothy's first grandchild on a day trip to Rhyl in North Wales.

She would have been age 80 here and she died in early 1958 [age 83]

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