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Profile of James Murray

An overview:

Photo of James Murray

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Father: Walter Murray

Mother: Catherine Dalgliesh


Date: October 1855

Place: Hallrule Cottages, , Bonchester Bridge, TD9 8JF


Originated in the Scottish Borders and moved to Leigh, Lancs. as a policeman in the late 1870's. He lost his first wife [Amelia] and their second child.

He remarried [Sarah] and they had four children living in Middleton, Denton and Platt Bridge [Wigan]. He died of nephritis aged 44.

Well researched.

This summary is currently 90% complete.

Family Tree of James Murray [JAMU]

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James Murray : with parents and siblings

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Fact Timeline of James Murray

Timeline of life events

Year Event Place Notes
1856 birth Hallrule Cottages, Bonchester Bridge
1861 living at Hallrule Cottages, Bonchester Bridge
1871 living at 1 Billerwell Cottages, Bonchester Bridge w. family
1871 occupation 1 Billerwell Cottages, Bonchester Bridge agricultural labourer [1871 census]
1876 occupation undefined, tba Police Constable [yr of take up is uncertain]
1876 moved home undefined, tba to Leigh, Lancs - year of move is uncertain
1880 married Congregational Chapel, Leigh to Amelia Evans
1881 living at 23 St Helens Road, Leigh 1881 census
1886 married Wesleyan Methodist Church, Wood St, Middleton to Sarah Lancashire
1890 living at 18 Yates Street, Middleton at time of 2nd marriage
1891 living at 79 Holland Street, Denton w. wife Sarah, d. Mary & s. Robert [1891 census]
1899 living at 26 Walthew Lane, Wigan at time of bitth of son John / prob earlier
1900 death 26 Walthew Lane, Wigan of nephritis age 44
1900 burial All Saints Burial Ground, Chuch St, Middleton

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