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This section outlines individuals in terms of life events from birth to places lived and worked where known. The individual map also appear on the partner pages where more is recorded about their family life eg children.


As with partners know little about people who lived more than 100 years ago and there are often gaps in the published record.

From the 20thC onwards photographs are common in some families - but not all. Other records and current memory provide a more rounded view of their life events.

Individuals still living are mostly omitted for privacy. Where they do appear their forenames will have been changed for the same reason.

Current Status

Current Content

Version 5.1 of the site estabishes a basic content framework for individuals (similar to partners). This currently includes just 3-4 people as a pilot set of timeline facts. The fact list may/will be incomplete in all aspects but more will be added as research of the public records progresses.

See the Resources Page to see what kind of information can be found in each type of public record.

Future Content

The plan is to add more individuals as well as more records.

Once sufficient numbers have been reached we should be able hyper-link people with partner or homes. This should also make it easier to trace people with partnerships and with homes & events.

Family Related

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