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This page provides an outline of the partnership as well as as timeline recording known life events. This might include: locations they lived, children etc).

The final section (below) indicates the status of any additional material that may be available.

Profile of Harry & Edith Crowther [H&EC]

Photo of Harry & Edith Crowther

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Wedding at Halifax Parish Church Dec 1923


Partner: Harry Crowther

Partner: Edith Rothwell

Marriage [or met]

Date: Dec 1922

Place: Halifax Minster, , Halifax, HX-- ---


They both originated in west Yorkshire and lived in or near Halifax until moving to Southport. They had two children.

Well researched.

The main sections of this summary are 60% complete.

Family Tree of Harry & Edith Crowther [H&EC]

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Harry & Edith Crowther : the parents & their children

Charts are current exports from Family Historian and may be updated from time to time.

Fact Timeline

Main life events [marriage-meeting, children, home locations etc ].

The partners short name is used in the table below.

Year Partners Event Individual Place Notes
1922 H&EC married --- Halifax Minster, Halifax
1923 H&EC living at --- 16 Woodhall Crescent, Halifax
1927 H&EC birth undefined, tba
1928 H&EC moved home --- 3 Stafford Parade, Halifax chk year
1931 H&EC birth No 2 undefined, tba
1936 H&EC moved home --- Holme View, Luddenden Foot & two children
1960 H&EC moved home --- 379 Guildford Road, Southport chk yr
1963 H&EC death undefined, tba
1976 H&EC death undefined, tba

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