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James Murray had a relatively short life (44 years) but he encountered more 'raw life' in those few years than most people do in a normal life span.

James Murray | Origins


James Murray was born in 1855 at Hallrule, Hobkirk in the Rule valley near Jedburgh in the Socttiosh Borders. He died in 1900 in Lancashire from nephritis (kidney disease).

Event Date Location
Birth 04 October 1847 Hallrule, Hobkirk, Scotland
Death 25 April 1900 26 Walthew Lane, Bridge, near Wigan His grave is in Rhodes, Middleton, Lancashire


He was born to itinerant farm workers in the Sottish Borders and like them he took up farm working after school.

Parents Name Origin
Father Walter Murray of Lilliesleaf, Roxbughshire
Mother Catherine Dalgliesh of Yarrow, selkirkshire
Parents link Walter & Catherine Murray 1847 - 1907

James Murray | Timeline

After 1871, like many of his generation, he appeared to recognise that his parents way of life would no longer be sustainable.

At some point he moved to Lancashire and by 1881 he was a policeman. He had also married Amelia Evans, from North Wales, in 1880. They had a daughter Mary. Their second child died soon after birth and Amelia then died shortly afterwards aged 34 [1882].

In 1890 he married Sarah Lancashire in Middleton and they had four children: Robert, Catherine, Edith and John. John was only 15 months old when James died of nephritis (kidney disease).

He was buried in All Saints Church graveyard in Rhodes, Middleton.

There are no known photographs of James Murray.

Year Event Descripton Location Source
1855 Birth of James Murray at Hallrule, Hobkirk SR: Full Register
1861 Resident & is a 'scholar' Hallrule, Hobkirk CEN: Record
1871 Resident & is recorded as an 'agricultural labourer' at Billerwell, Hobkirk CEN: Record
1880 Married Amelia Evans Cong. Church, Pennington, Lancs SR: Certificate
1880 Resident & a County Police Constable Leigh SR: TBC
1881 1st Child born Mary Murray Leigh SR: Qx Register
1881 Resident [Mary is 2 months old] 23 St Helens Road, Leigh CEN: record
1882 2nd Child born but did not live Leigh SR: Qx Register
1882 Ameila died soon after childbirth Leigh SR: Qx Register
1890 Married Sarah Lancashire Wesleyan Meth. Chapel, Middleton SR: Certificate
1891 1st Child born Robert Lancashire Murray Denton SR: Qx Register
1891 Resident & is a Police Constable 79 Holland Street, Denton CEN:Record
1893 2nd Child born Catherine Murray Denton SR: Qx Register
1894 3rd Child born Edith Murray Denton SR: Qx Register
1898 4th Child born John Murray Wigan SR: Qx Register
1900 Death from Nephritis 26 Walthew Lane, Hindley, nr Wigan SR: Certificate
1900 Buried grave All Saints, Rhodes [TBC]


  1. PR: Parish Records
  2. SR: Statutory Records
  3. CEN: Census

James Murray | Places

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Birth place of James Murray:
Hallrule Farm Cottages, Parish of Hobkirk, Scotland

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Wedding of James & Sarah Murray
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Wood St. Middleton

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Grave of James Murray
All Saints Church graveyard
Rhodes, Middleton

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