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This page provide more photos of the property. More galleries may be available from the previous profile page.


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There is a total of 4 pairs of images in this gallery.

3 Kitchenhill taken on 2nd Feb 1976
3 Kitchenhill in June 2010
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No3 in 1976 [left] and 2010 [right]. The overgrown land to the north has now been incorporated into No 3's plot and the road entrance moved north.

Front view of 3 Kitchehill in 1975
The Kitchenhill Terrace in 2010
Image pair: 2 of 4

The yellow framed door in the left photo in 1975 was then the entrance to property No 2. It also had a carved stone date over the doorway.

Copper Beech across the railway from 3 Kitchenhill
The London-Glasgow main line and view east from Kitchenill
Image pair: 3 of 4

The view across the road to the west coast mainline railway bridge from the front of 3 Kitchehill. The copper beech was a superb tree - especially on autumn evenings as in the left hand photo [1975]. The right hand photo is 2010.

View though the firs and over the River Petterill
View from Kitchehill over the Petteril to the Stoneybeck Inn
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The view from the front of 3 Kitchenhill over the Glasgow main line, the River Petteril and towards the Soneybeck Inn at Bowscar.

The left hand photo was taken in 1975 and the right in 2010. Sad to see the loss of the trees but this is the west coast mainline railway.

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