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This page provides more information about 3 Kitchenhill.

Why 3 Kitchenhill?

During the mid 1970's 3 Kitchenhill was a family home for a short time.

Kitchenhill - an Ordnance Survey Enclave

In the mid 1970's Ordnance Survey opened a temporary office in Friargate, Penrith to complete the remapping of northern Cumbria. The office held a local area manager and two survey sections of four each. Most of these people had been moving from place to place, like many others, to complete the remapping of Great Britain by 1980. [The remapping task has started in the late 1930's and was a significant undertaking. It had prioritised cities and minor towns and the mountian/moorland areas was the final phase]. Other offices eg Preston, Manchester had static sections that were responsible for keeping the remapped areas up to date.

The three cottages at Kitchenhill, Bowscar north of Penrith were all rented. In April 1975 No 2 had the Woolridges and No 3 The Frankies. The Frankies bought a home in Penrith and the Murray's moved in. Later in the year No 1 was occupied by Messrs Harrison and Spilman. All of these were Ordnance Survey surveyors.

3 Kitchenhill - Occupation

More about living there to be added here ...

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