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This page provides more context regarding the property in terms of local maps and property plans.

Local Area Maps 3 Kitchenhill

Maps of the local area

Map no 1 of 2

{raster map}
Penrith - 1947

Penrith and surrounding northern environs in published 1947

Kitchenhill is 3km the north west of Penrith next to the main London-Glasgow railway line.

Original Map Scale: 1:63,360
Year of Map Publication: 1947

Map no 2 of 2

{raster map}
Kitchenhill - 1947

Kitchenhill and surrounding area in 1947 - 20 years before the arrival of the M6 motorway.

The Kitchenhill locality in 1947. The River Petteril, to the east, flows north & joins the Eden at Carlisle

Original Map Scale: 1:63,360
Year of Map Publication: 1947

Site and Property Plans of 3 Kitchenhill

Outline plans of the site and floor plans:

There is a total of 3 plans for this property.

Property Plan
1 of 3 : 3 Kitchenhill - Site Plan 1975-77

There was a garden front and rear for each of the three cottages. To the north was an area of overgrown land/dumping ground.

Property Plan
2 of 3 : 3 Kitchenhill - Ground Floor - 1975-77

There were two main room on the ground floor. The bathroom was an extension of minimal construction [single concrete block] Hence a frozen toilet was not unusual.

Property Plan
3 of 3 : 3 Kitchenhill - 1st Floor 1975-77

There were three bedrooms on the first floor with stairs access via the middle bedroom [used as a workroom].

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