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This page provides a profile of the family home, including: occupiers, occupation dates, a map & links to more information.

Any additional info will be provided via a separate page - see the More section below.

Profile of 845 Rochdale Road

This section below provides a brief outline of the family home.

Photo of the Property [845RR]

{fam home photo}
845RR - summer 1963 - the year after moving in.


845 Rochdale Road, Slattocks, Middleton, M24 xxx

Occupation Period

Oct 1962 - June 1975

Property Built


Property Construction

Red Brick. Asbestos roof tiles. Semi detached

Primary Occupants

J&D Murray

No of Floors

Two [Gnd & First]

No of Rooms

Property: Current Status

Still Exists: Yes
Comment: With some minor changes and improvements


The house was little changed from the original in 1962 and required substantial modernisation.

Further material may be available see the More section below.

Occupants of 845 Rochdale Road

Who lived here and when.

Name Dates Notes
John Murray [1928] 1962 -1975
Dorothy Grundy 1962 - 1975
1st child 1962 - 1969
2nd child 1962 -1975
3rd child 1965 - 1975 born here

See also the More section below.

Location map for 845 Rochdale Road

Location map.

The map below is global and may be zoomed & panned as required ..

Map Legend

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More information about 845 Rochdale Road

There may be more information about this family home, especially if it was in occupation from the 20thC onwards. This may include external photographs, internal photographs, old maps of the area, a property plan, floorplans and associated minor events.

If sufficient material does exist (and it has been documented) - please follow the link below.

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