Bognor Regis <> Littlehampton


Bognor Regis - Littlehampton

The last section of open coast

This section of the South Coast Path takes us from Bognor Regis to Littlehampton. There is an open section of land at Climping Gap that is the only unbuilt stretch between Bognor and Brighton.

May 2014 Bognor Pier - follow the arrow to the right to see more photos of this stage.

The stage is described below walking west to east (prevailing wind behind) - but can be walked in either direction.

Description of the walk

The walk starts at Bognor Pier and ends at the footbridge over the River Arun in Littlehampton. It is a genuinely "flat stage" with the highest point being the sand dune at West Beach Littlehampton.

The route follows the esplanade passing a Butlin's holiday resort (originally built in 1960) before entering Felpham. A distant family member, a daughter of John Ogden, lives near the route in Felpham.

Littlehampton - Bognor Regis

Littlehampton - Bognor Regis
This is a copy of the gpx track of the route walked on 05 June 2014

There are no diversions on this route.
However part of the path uses the beach at Elmer. This is easier walking and is only possible at low tide.

There are no know errors in the data.

KJM 06 June 2014

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