South West Coast Path

Dartmouth - Strete

A Hidden Harbour & Shipping History

This page outlines the coastal walk between Dartmouth and Strete, part of the South West Coast Path.

Dartmouth Harbour & the Britannia Naval College

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Lulworth Cove - Chapman's Pool

Geology, landslips, military ranges & oil country

This page outlines the coastal walk between Lulworth Cove and Chapman's Pool - stage of the South West Coast Path. It is also part of the eastern section of England's only natural World Heritage Site - the Jurassic Coast.

30 May 2014 Lulworth Cove - the starting point - also for a selection of images from the walk.

Description of the stage

This is a spectacular stage and was well worth the wait until the military ranges were open and the section east of Kimmeridge was reopened due to a landslip in 2013. Bus services to Lulworth Cove were reduced in early 2014. The only difficulty on the day was the time required to take in the scenery.

The path follows the Dorset Purbeck coast with the western within the military ranges - which are open most weekends and school holiday. Walking the diversion is not an option- although there is currently a short diversion at Lulworth Cove itself - either into West Lulworth village or the beach at the back of the cove (at low water).

Lulworth Cove - Chapman's Pool

Lulworth Cove - Chapman's Pool
This is a copy of the gpx track of the route walked on 30 May 2014

This walk includes one minor diversion:
The path around the cliff top at Lulworth Cove is closed due to a landslip.

This route runs along the beach at the foot of the cliff.

There is a positional error for 100-200m at the back of Lulworth Cove.
A short off route to a wall for lunch east of Arish Mell.

These will be corrected.
KJM 01 June 2014

South West Coast Path

In the deep south west.

This page describes the South West Coast Path and stages undertaken to date. The path is well described elsewhere (see references below).

This path terminates in the north at Minehead and in the south at the Sandbanks ferry. A logical continuation of the path eastwards from here is the South Coast Path - east of Sandbanks.

2013: Sidmouth, Devon. - the Devon-Dorset Jurassic Coast has some spectacular scenery.

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