A multi coloured and dynamic coastline

This page describes the coastal walk from Chale to Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, part of the Isle of Wight Coast Path. This spectacular section of coast is constantly being attacked by the sea and erosion is both frequent and rapid. The different rock types also contribute to a blaze of colours: orange, yellow,red, grey and the white chalk cliffs at Freshwater.

June 2014 Chale Church - click the right arrow to see more images of the stage in this album.

This page describes a clockwise passage - but the stage can be walked in either direction.

Description of the stage

On a clear day the bay at Freshwater is in sight as you leave Chale and the colourful coastline is laid out before you. Every time you walk this section of coast is unique since erosion is cutting away at the soft rocks all along the route.

Several sections walked in 2010 have since slipped down the slope; a bench at Atherfield Point was 2-3m from the cliff edge in 2012 was literally on the edge in 2013 - that land has also now gone.

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