This is a copy of the gpx track of the route walked on 30 October 2014

There are several short diversions on this track:
Fford-y-Coleg (where I used to live!)
Dylan's (to book a meal) - it was very good!
Around church Island
Other deviations will be photo locations.

There are no know errors in the data.

KJM 26 December 2014


This section of the Anglesey Coast Path traces the Afon Menai [Menai Straits] from Beaumaris as far as Stephenson’s Brittania Bridge. It leaves the coast for a while before dropping into Porthaethwy and a tour of the magnificent bridges that cross from the mainland.

October 2014 Telford’s 1826 Road Bridge - The path offers new perspectives of both the bridges to the island.

The stage is described walking clockwise around Anglesey- but can be walked in either direction.

Description of the walk

The walk starts on the green at Beaumaris and hugs the shore for a while, passing the pier and lifeboat house. On the southern limit of Beaumaris it turns inland and uphill - a continually steep climb gaining over 100m in height. Andy Lomas reckons the walk up to Llandegfan is steeper from Porthaethey, ie going anti-clockwise, but I think he needs to try it this way as well!

Following a drive the path veers off into open land with gorse, bracken, rock outcrops and the odd tree gathered in islands on an undulating carpet of green grass. A typical Anglesey landscape.

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