Crowther - individuals index

The index below is a list of individuals who carry the Crowther name over successive generations.

The list includes the primary ancestor and their siblings, where these are known.

%Harry Crowther
1919: Harry Crowther: at Douglas, Isle of Man

Crowther Ancestral Generations

The table below outlines the generations of Crowthers - these are the individuals who have created a continuous link back in time.

More information may be available about individuals via a link on the name (or the menu).

Harry & Edith CROWTHER

Harry Crowther & Edith Rothwell [1922-1976]

This page outlines the family of Harry & Edith Crowther who lived in Halifax, Yorkshire and retired to Southport in Lancashire. They had two children Peter and Nancy.

Crowther - family index

Of Halifax and Southowram:

The Crowthers have been research back over eight generations. They were originally based around the towns of west Yorkshire. This page is a summary of the main line of descendants.

%H&E Crowther
1958: Harry & Edith Crowther: at home in Southport with two of their grand children (Helen & Gerald Crowther)

About: the Crowther’s

The Crowther family are anothe rmajor part of the family. They have lived mostly in West Yorkshire as builders, stone mason, administrative, banking and the RAF.

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