News-2: 24th April 2014

What is happening? > Page Rebuilding Has Started

Welcome to the threekitchenhill website. It is still very much a shell at the moment.

The previous threekitchenhill site [v4.00] had not been updated for a year, mainly due to the lengthy process involved in limited available time.

%threekitchenhill website v4.00%
A shot of final home page of the v4.00 threekitchenhill website.


News-1: 17 April 2014

Stages in rebuilding the v5.00 threekitchenhill website

This is a replacement for the original static html website [v4.00]
Theis site uses Drupal and the log below was a record of the steps involved in creating this website using the Drupal multisite capability.

This site and the keithjmurray.me.uk site now run off the same hosting platform/code.

1) 15 April 2014: Multi-site established - now up & running

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