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Yar River Trail

This page describes the Yar River Trail on the Isle of Wight between source [Niton] and sea [St Helens]

Walks: Yar River Trail

This is an official path - though official web descriptions are had to come by.

There are two River Yars on the island (a problem with originality in the past?) - this is the longer of the two.

Test Way

This page describes the Test Way.

The Test Way follows much of the lower course of the River Test. The test enters Southampton Water near the start of the the route. The route is mostly northerly and finally ends at Inkpen overlooking the Kennet Valley and Berkshire.

River Test: - near King’s Somborne; also the junction of the Test Way and the Clarendon Way/Monarch’s Way.


Walks & Long Distance Paths

The pages here are about getting out into the fresh air and traveling somewhere under your own steam - either alone or better as a small family group or with friends.

They are records of some rewarding days out and hopefully they will also give others an idea or two.

Monarch's Way: Winterbourne Earls
18 April 2014: The Bourne valley near Salisbury

Each path has a home page and with that a stage description, some photos and a map. If the path/walk name below is underlined the walk home page will have been added.

While the current focus is on long distance paths - this does not exclude a selection of rewarding day walks.

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