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  • This page: An index to shorter Day Walks included to date.
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  • First Published: 19 December 2018

Hooker Valley path

10 November 2013: Hooker Valley Trail [New Zealand]

Day Walks | Index

The table shows the most recent day walks that have been completed.

NOTE: The pages under each long distance path links have not yet been restored [following them will currently take you to a "page not found" page - apologies!].

Day Walks

The day walks (to be added) are listed below. These are selected walks which are not usually part of a long distance path and can be covered in a day or, in most cases, half a day. The distance is taken from gps track data.

Walk Name Country Total Dist Status Complete
Bath Skyline England 9.6 km 100% completed
Bradford on Avon-Dundas-Midford [U] England 20.3 km 100% completed [BD]
Hooker Valley Path New Zealand 5.7 km 100% completed [BD]
Coogee-Bondi Coast Walk [P] Australia [NSW] 7.7 km 100% completed
Johnson Canyon Trail Canada [AB] 6.3 km 100% completed [BD]
Katoomba Federal Pass Walk [P] Australia [NSW] 10.2 km 100% completed
Kiama Coast Walk [U] Australia [NSW] 4.8 km 100% completed
King's Canyon Rim Walk Australia [SA] 6.3 km 100% completed
Lakes Entrance 90m beach-Kalimna [U] Australia [VIC] 15.7 km 100% completed
Nunwell Trail England [IoW] 11.7 km 100% completed
Pyramid Mountain Canada [BC] 4.8 km 100% completed [BD]
Rainbow Reach - Lake Manapouri [P] New Zealand 6.7 km 100% completed [BD]
River Yar Circuit England [IoW] 11.2 km 100% completed
Snowdon Horseshoe Cymru/Wales xx.x km 100% completed
  1. [U]: This path name is not an officially recognised.
  2. [BD]: completed in both directions.
  3. [P]: this path is path of a longer walk.

See also the long distance paths index page.

The longer term walking plan is described in more detail here.

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Walker's Notes


Please note that all walks described on these pages were passable at the time described.

However conditions change (weather, tides, landslips etc) and it is the walker's responsibility to ensure their own safety at all times.


Where used - the gradient classification is:

Easy: few gradients
Moderate: some uphill but < 10%
Strenuous: steep stretches > 10%

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