Coogee to Bondi Beach

Surfing the Surf Beaches

This page outlines the coastal walk between Coogee and Bondi Beach in New South Wales

Walks: Coogee to Bondi Beach

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The photo order and description below follow the walk in a south to north direction but of course you can walk it in any direction.

The walk could be extended in either directoin, north or south, but this particular section is also a recognised and popular walk. For us it was a one-off ... maybe.?

Description of the walk

The walk takes in the famous surf beaches of the south east Sydney suburbs; where the Tasman Sea brings in great rolling waves over wide sandy beaches.

We chose to walk south to north so that the panorama of Bondi would open up at the end. The Sydney walks page below also prefers that direction for the same reason.

It is mostly a hard surface cliff top walk and is supplemented by several sets of steps in places. There are some urban sections, which offer refreshment stops, interspersed with more open sections - including the high level walk past Waverley Cemetery - between Clovelly and Bronte [part damaged by storms in 2016 but still open].

The weather started warm and sunny in Coogee where we had a picnic lunch. However a southeasterly wind got up in the afternoon and brought in a heavy swell. That did not stop some intrepid swimmers in the channel at Clovelly.

Walk Stats

1. Places along the walk

Type Place Comment
Stage terminus Coogee Grant Reserve
Passage point Gordon's Bay
Passage point Clovelly
Passage point Waverley Cemetery
Passage point Bronte
Passage point Tamarama
Stage terminus Bondi Beach Steps at north end of beach

2.Walk figures

Item Value Comment
Distance 7.1 km
Terrain type coastal - cliff top moderate
Total ascent: 229 m amsl
Total descent: 254 m amsl
Lowest point 4 m amsl
Highest point 42 m amsl

3. Walk Log

Date walked Who Walking time hr Av. speed kmh Stoppage hr Direction
02 Dec 2015 KM&HM 1.9 4.1 0.3 south to north

Points of Interest

Gordon's Bay Gordon's Bay:The first bay after leaving Coogee and a great view back down the coast form here.
Tamarama SLSC Tamarama: Another surf beach and another life saving club. Tamarama and Bronte Beaches are in close succession and are world famous for surfing.
Bondi Beach Life Saving Club - Memorial Bondi Life Saving Club: A memorial to the club and "Black Sunday" on 6 February 1938 when a series of large waves, with a strong back current, occured at low tide. The waves swept the beach when it was packed and took 250 people out to sea. Courageous work by teams of life savers limited the death toll to just five men.

Getting there & notes to Walkers

We were staying in Sydney and took the train to Bondi Juncton. From here there are buses to both Coogee and Bondi

The bus to/from Coogee is a no 313/314 [see bus map link below]

The bus to/from Bondi is a no 380/381/382 [see bus map link below]


Start: 02 Dec 2015
End: ongoing!

References & Links:

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20161218 Bondi - "Black Sunday"

Updated KJM 18 Dec 2016