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Day Walks & Long Distance Paths

The pages in this section describe getting out into the fresh air and traveling somewhere under your own steam - either alone or much better as a small family group or with friends.

The pages are records of some rewarding days out and hopefully they will also give others an idea or two.

ACP: Afon Braint stepping stones

25 October 2017: Afon Braint, Ynys Môn/Anglesey [Anglesey Coast Path]

There are two main sections:

  • Long Distance Paths
  • Day Walks


The pages outline each path including a brief description, some photos, a map and any relevant external links.

Follow the menu and links in the Walks Navigation panel to discover more about the walks..

Long Distance Paths

The overview, and stages, of each long distance path are outlined in the long distance path [ldp] section. Sub pages of the ldp, where complete and written up, record the individual stages of that path.

Day Walks

Selected day walks are outlined in the day walks section and sub pages outline each individual path.

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Walker's Notes


Please note that all walks described on these pages were passable at the time described.

However conditions change (weather, tides, landslips etc) and it is the walker's responsibility to ensure their own safety at all times.


Where used - the gradient classification is:

Easy: few gradients
Moderate: some uphill but < 10%
Strenuous: steep stretches > 10%

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