This section of the Anglesey Coast Path traces the Afon Menai [Menai Straits] from Beaumaris as far as Stephenson’s Brittania Bridge. It leaves the coast for a while before dropping into Porthaethwy and a tour of the magnificent bridges that cross from the mainland.

October 2014 Telford’s 1826 Road Bridge - The path offers new perspectives of both the bridges to the island.

The stage is described walking clockwise around Anglesey- but can be walked in either direction.

Description of the walk

The walk starts on the green at Beaumaris and hugs the shore for a while, passing the pier and lifeboat house. On the southern limit of Beaumaris it turns inland and uphill - a continually steep climb gaining over 100m in height. Andy Lomas reckons the walk up to Llandegfan is steeper from Porthaethey, ie going anti-clockwise, but I think he needs to try it this way as well!

Following a drive the path veers off into open land with gorse, bracken, rock outcrops and the odd tree gathered in islands on an undulating carpet of green grass. A typical Anglesey landscape.

The path then emerges back on the road and into Llandegfan (the location of a party in October 1972 - which is well remembered) with views over Bangor and Bangor Pier. Porthaethwy follows and the path finally returns to the coast.

There are several family connections within a radius of 2-300m of St Georges Pier in Porthaethwy:

  • a trip on the Menai Straits from St George’s Pier in 1949 for the Grundy and Ogden families.
  • accommodation at Westbury Cottage on Fford y Coleg in 1973-73,
  • an important meeting at the Victoria Hotel in late 1972!

The route takes you very close and under Telford’s bridge, once the ferry point to the mainland and where cattle were forced to swin across the straits..

The Belgian Promenade that follows was built by Belgian refugees after the First World War. This connects with Church Island (which is worth a detour) and the small church of St Tyslio. After a short return to the main road the path drops to Pwll Ceris [The Swellies] where the straits always appear to be formed of tormented writhing currents.

Finally magnificent views of Robert Stephenson’s Pont Britannia open up. Completed in 1850 and destroyed by fire in May 1970 - the damaged tubes were replaced a single track rail deck in 1972 and an upper road deck in 1980. Each end of the bridge is guarded by a pair of stone lions - though they are sadly over shadowed by the road deck today.

Stage Stats

Places along the stage

Stage Title Comment
Stage terminus Beaumaris Bench on green
Passage point Llandegfan
Passage point Portaethwy [Menai Bridge]
Passage point Telford’s Road Bridge
Passage point Stephenson’s Rail Bridge
Stage terminus Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Carreg Bran Hotel entrance

Stage Stats

Stage Title Comment
Distance 12.0 km
Terrain type moderate part coastal
Lowest point 1 m [amsl]
Highest point 115 m [amsl]

Walk Log

Date walked Who Walking time hr Av. speed kmh Stoppage hr Direction
30 October 2014 KJM, HMM 2.65 hours 4.2 1.25hr clockwise

Points of Interest

The Gt Orme & Penmaen Mawr from Beaumaris Beaumaris:October 2014: Wide open views of the North Wales coast and the narrowing Afon Menai provide an expansive vista to a tidy little town and its 12thC Castle
Anglesey Coast Path: Beaumaris-Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Telford’s 1826 Road Bridge: October 2014: The bridge is approaching it’s bicentenary. It was refurbished in 1930's and crossing is always a special experience.
Anglesey Coast Path: Beaumaris-Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Church Island: Oct 2014: This small island off the Belgian Promenade contains the small church of St Tyslio and a busy cemetery with many graves testifying to the tragedy that was World War I.
Anglesey Coast Path: Beaumaris-Llanfairpwllgwyngyll Stephenson’s Rail Bridge: Oct 2014: The steel arches and road deck were added in the 1970’s following the disastrous fire in 1970. This is now the primary access bridge to the island - though other options are being considered owing to congestion at busy times.

Getting there & back

We were staying in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll and took the Bangor bus as far a Portaethwy [Wood Street] and then a 57 to Beaumaris [via Llandegfan].


Start: 30 October 2014
End: Ongoing

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Updated KJM 26 December 2014