Bognor Regis - Littlehampton

The last section of open coast

This section of the South Coast Path takes us from Bognor Regis to Littlehampton. There is an open section of land at Climping Gap that is the only unbuilt stretch between Bognor and Brighton.

May 2014 Bognor Pier - follow the arrow to the right to see more photos of this stage.

The stage is described below walking west to east (prevailing wind behind) - but can be walked in either direction.

Description of the walk

The walk starts at Bognor Pier and ends at the footbridge over the River Arun in Littlehampton. It is a genuinely "flat stage" with the highest point being the sand dune at West Beach Littlehampton.

The route follows the esplanade passing a Butlin's holiday resort (originally built in 1960) before entering Felpham. A distant family member, a daughter of John Ogden, lives near the route in Felpham.

Once the esplanade ends there is a path before crossing the Middleton green sward. At Middleton the sea reaches a wall at a dwelling at High tide and a short inland diversion is required. Even at low tide the shingle is washed high up the groynes which means long walk to the lower end of the groyne - hence a walk into town is recommended.

Access back to the sae is down a road by the church and a gap between houses that back on to the sea. This is harder to find when walking east to west - the entrance is hidden near some bushes.

From here it is shingle to West Beach Littlehampton, though the sand (by the sea defences) can be walked at low tide. There are harder paths in most of the shingle.

The Littlehampton channel is man-made (reclaimed from marshes on either side of the Arun). The remaining mud flats contain several decaying boats.

Stage Stats

Places along the stage

Stage Title Comment
Stage terminus Bognor Regis Pier
Passage point Felpham
Passage point Middleton on Sea
Passage point Elmer
Passage point Climping Gap
Stage terminus Littlehampton footbridge

Stage figures

Stage Title Comment
Distance 13.0 km
Terrain type coast flat
Lowest point 2 sea level [m amsl]
Highest point 7 sand dune West Beach[m amsl]

Walk Log

Date walked Who Walking time hr Av. speed kmh Stoppage hr Direction
11 Jan 2012 KJM 2.85 hours 5.0 0.47hr west to east
13 March 2013 KJM, HMM 2.7 hours 5.0 0.75hr west to east
05 June 2014 KJM, HMM 2.70 hours 5.0 0.95hr east to west

Points of Interest

Felpham,  Bognor Regis Felpham: - on the approach to Bognor this is a pleasant bay which is always busy. A distant family member, a daughter of John Ogden, lives here.
Middleton - chip shop Middleton - the chip shop in another Middleton - this time "Middleton on Sea". This is part of the short detour inland to negotiate the lack of access along the beach during high tides.
Nr Atherington Atherington - the shingle beach west of Atherington. Behind is Climping Gap - the last unbuilt section of coast between Bognor and Brighton.

Getting there & back

The Southern service along the South Coast is very good with regular trains between Southampton/Portsmouth and Brighton. To get to Bognor you have to change at Barnham for the branch line.

Likewise to return from Littlehampton a change at either Ford or Barnham is necessary.


Start: 11 January 2012
End: Ongoing

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Updated KJM 21 June 2014