Eastbourne - Hastings

The Norman's shore & 1066 country

This page outlines the coastal walk between Eastbourne and Hastings.

12 April 2013Eastbourne to Hastings [note: double click to see the image full screen as well as other images of this stage]

Description of the stage

The stage from Eastbourne to Hastings takes in the sweep of the Pevensey Bay and incorporates the area where William of Normandy came ashore, with his army, in 1066. There is evidence of the nervous Englishman with a string of Martello Towers built when another French invasion seemed likely, by Napoleon 800 years later.

The direction of the English coast starts to turn north east from Eastbourne as the proximity of the coast of France gets closer.

The entire walk is largely flat, though the section from Sovereign Park to Normans Bay requires some strenuous beach walking. This is shingle, though more compact on the top of the bank as it used by coastal defence machinery. If it is low tide sandy sections of the beach can be used once the groynes become infrequent east of Pevensey.

Stage Stats

1. Places along the stage

Stage Title Comment
Stage terminus Eastbourne Pier
Passage point Sovereign Park
Passage point Pevensey Bay
Passage point Norman's Bay
Passage point Bexhill
Passage point Bulverhythe
Stage terminus Hastings Pier

2. Stage figures

Stage Title Comment
Distance 25.1 km
Terrain type coastal flat
Total ascent: tbc [m amsl]
Total descent: tbc [m amsl]
Lowest point 2.0 sea level [m amsl]
Highest point 24 Galley Hill, Bexhill [m amsl]

3. Walk Log

Date walked Who Walking time Direction
12 April 2014 KJM; HMM 5.3 hours west to east

Points of Interest

Pevensey Bay Pevensey Bay: the Norman landings took place at Pevensey (there is a scene on the Bayeux Tapestry). However the coast here would have been very different in 1066 - when the sea went inland as far as the Roman walls of Pevensey Castle. The Castle is now a kilometre from the coast.
De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill Bexhill: De La Warr Pavilion, built in 1935. It is considered to be Art Deco by some and one of the first "modern" buildings by others.

Notes to Walkers & Transportation

For this stage we stayed overnight in Eastbourne (near Sovereign Park) and took a bus into Eastbourne to the pier.

To return the intention was to use the Hasting to Eastbourne rail route but maintenance work was taking place. We therefore took the 99 bus from the seafront in Hastings back to Sovereign Park.


Start: 12 April 2014
End: 12 April 2014

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