Borth to Aberystwyth

The north Ceredigion coast

This page outlines the coastal walk between Borth and Aberystwyth, part of the Wales Coast Path.

Borth from Craig y Wylfa - [twrds Aberdyfi]

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The photo order and description below follow the walk in a north to south direction but of course you can walk it in any direction.

The path soon escapes into undulating coastal scenery, away from development and roads, apart from Clarach Bay. The sweep of Bae Ceredigion is ever present and the flatlands of the Dyfi estuary north of Borth contrast markedly with the hilly forested hinterland.

Description of the stage

The path runs down the main street in Borth until it is time to leave the High Street and follow the short climb to Craig y Wylfa and the war memorial there. From then on it is an undulating journey dropping to Wallog and again to Clarach Bay before the final rise to Constitution Hill and fine views of Aberystwyth.

The ten kilometers are not too demanding dropping to the high tide line three times after leaving Borth but there are few steep ascents (traveling south)

The sea has cut into the hills which are largely slate related rocks resulting is several occurrences of striking regular blue-grey patterns. Sometime these can be vertical or in places are horizontal wave cut platforms. They are best seen just north of Clarach Bay. [see photo below]

Stage Stats

1. Places along the stage

Type Place Comment
Stage terminus Borth Front, nr rail station
Passage point Craig y Wylfa
Passage point Craig y Delyn
Passage point Wallog
Passage point Clarach Bay
Passage point Constitution Hill
Stage terminus Aberystwyth Pier

2. Stage figures

Item Value Comment
Distance 10.0 km
Terrain type coastal moderate
Total ascent: 395 [m amsl]
Total descent: 395 [m amsl]
Lowest point 4 [m amsl]
Highest point 125 [m amsl]

3. Walk Log

Date walked Who Walking time hr Av. speed kmh Stoppage hr Direction
08 June 2016 KM&HM 2.72 hours 3.7 1.47 north to south

Points of Interest

Bae Ceredigion & Craig y Delyn Craig y Delyn: Once over Craig y Wylfa the path drops down to the shore again before a long and steady rise to Craig y Delyn which is the highest point of this stage at ~125m. The path skirts the top of the cliffs overlooking Ceredigion Bay. Several outcrops of blue-grey slate are evident in the cliffs.
Wave cut rocks, nr Clarach Bay North of Clarach Bay: South of Wallog the slope eases and these wave cut platforms and cliffs come into view. A series of parallel blue-grey slate ridges race across the shore and attempt to press inland. These are Silurian mudstones ~430m years old.
Aberystwyth from Constitution Hill Aberystwyth: The top of Constitution Hill is skirted n the seaward side of the dome. As the south side of the hill is approached this magnificent view of Aberystwyth suddenly appears..

Getting there & notes to Walkers

We took a train (the 11:30) from Aberystwyth to Borth and then walked back.

We were staying Aberystwyth.


Start: 08 June 2016
End: 08 June 2016

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Updated KJM 30 July 2016